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Starting from 30€ per month, you can attract a lot more customers to your restaurants with Snappmeal.

Highly converting, easy and cost-efficient. 1 month free trial.

Built to help restaurants increase sales and spend less (much less) advertising cost.

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How to use Snappmeal as Restaurant Partners

Why Snappmeal?

Snappmeal platform enables restaurants promos reach hungry foodies directly at the right time and at the right place. Join our platform to get your restaurant promos shown to our growing thousands of foodie users in Finland. 


Restaurant Adds Campaign

Lunch deal. Voucher. Offer. Discount and more

Promote Your Restaurant Instantly

Snappmeal’s intuitive platform enables you to create campaigns easily and publish instantly. Once you create your restaurant campaign, our system instantly pushes it to all the foodies using Snappmeal app. You can easily attract new and returning customers by sending the tempting offers to them at the right time, and at the right place.

No more waiting for 48-hour reviewing process like social ads. No more bidding for ads. No more sending your social ads to wrong people and at the wrong time.

Lunch deal. Voucher. Offer. Discount and more

Your Restaurant Promos
Get Found

What makes people act on restaurant campaigns? Convenience and the right timing! Customers don’t want to try your food if they see your campaign ads when they have no interest to eat out. 

Snappmeal platform lets hungry foodies easily find your restaurant campaigns around them and use your restaurant campaigns when they need and want. All of your restaurants campaigns are easily found, and stored in their pocket aka our Snappmeal Foodie App. On Snappmeal, consumers ‘snap to save’ your campaign to use before it expires. Our smart features remind consumers and nudge them to visit you.

They will not miss your restaurant campaigns. And you will not miss your potential loyal customers. 

restaurant campaigns to customers

Save Marketing Costs. More Customer Streams.

Maximize Your Restaurant Profitability

Our platform helps you attract new customers and retain loyal customers without spending lots of money and efforts in running ineffective social ads and printing paper vouchers. 

Our campaign design tool and analytics help you easily see the performance of your campaigns. Our data helps you optimize how to create the campaigns that suit best for your restaurants and your potential customers.

It’s free forever to use. No credit cards needed to get started.

How it works


Sign up in our business app for free. Register your restaurant in our platform. To create a campaign, simply upload your food images, menu and information of the campaign you want to run. Publish to see your campaign displayed on Snappmeal Foodie App.

Snappmeal Foodies
Snap Your Campaign

Congrats! Your campaign is published on our Snappmeal Foodie App. Foodies use Snappmeal App to find restaurant campaigns around them. Be it a lunch deal, voucher, offer, discount or others – foodies snap to save and use.

Verify Your
Campaign at POS

We don’t charge our foodies anything in advance. That’s why our users are motivated to snap and try your delicious food at their convenience. Snappmeal users purchase your food, and the only thing you need to do is verify and apply the discount. Easy & Efficient.

Our pricing is straightforward and fair

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