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Get more dine-ins and takeouts by creating smart offers with Snappmeal platform. Snappmeal is a mobile-to-mobile restaurant marketing platform for restaurants to run their marketing easily and efficiently.

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Trusted by local restaurants and national chains

Built to help restaurants increase sales and spend less (much less) on advertising costs.

Increase your sales via running online promotions with Snappmeal

Within minutes, Snappmeal will push your time-based promotions to all potential customers around you. Push deals instantly and stop deals when you get enough orders. You can either use Snappmeal manually or allow Snappmeal to automate the process for you. Get sales with 0€ marketing cost with Snappmeal.
No more empty tables. No more food waste.


Pay as you grow

No hefty commission and you can cancel anytime. By subscribing yearly, you will save 20%. We believe that you don’t have to pay more if you earn more. 

No setup fee and no credit card needed to try out. Register for free within minutes!

How you can get customers with Snappmeal?

Discover how Snappmeal helps restaurants and cafes earn more and spend less on marketing.

How does it work?

Register your business and create a promotion easily

The customer sees your offer and saves it for later use

When it's time to pay for the meal, customer presents you the saved offer

You show them the QR code sticker we gave you, so they can scan & redeem it

"Snappmeal is a great tool for us to improve marketing and branding. We're happy to be part of the community!"
Lucas Hoang
Chef & Manager at Latitude 25

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