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2020 has been a difficult year for the restaurant trade. The impact of COVID-19 forced many eateries to close their doors to potential customers earlier in the year. This was bad news for an industry that already struggles to balance expenditure and operating costs.

Thankfully, takeaway food deliveries were still permitted, which allowed countless restaurants to continue trading during this difficult time. In Finland alone, orders of takeaway food from restaurants increased by about 8.3% in 2020. Food delivery services such as Wolt and Foodora have contactless delivery options to customers, setting their minds at rest. Payment is taken online, food is left on the doorstep, everybody wins. That’s the theory, at least.

Takeaway Containers and the Price of Convenience

Picture the scene. It’s Friday night and it’s been a long week. The thought of setting foot in the kitchen fills you with dread, but advice from the government suggests that you stay inside rather than head out to eat. Help is at hand, though. Ordering a delivery of takeaway food, handily packaged in a single-use container that will save on dishes, is the next best thing. Hey, you can even enjoy it while catching up on your favorite Netflix show.

There is an elephant in the room, though. Those previously mentioned containers are an environmental disaster. Single-use plastics invariably end up in the trash and are rarely given a second thought. This means they spend years in a landfill, failing to decompose – or even worse, dumped in the ocean. These materials are among the biggest dangers to marine life that is already struggling.

As though isn’t enough to concern us, single-use plastics also directly contribute to climate change. The production and disposal of single-use plastics results in methane and ethylene emissions. We all have plenty going on with the pandemic right now. Surely that is not an excuse to forgo the future of the planet, though?

With a mission to create THE ultimate app for foodies, we want to cover all the wants and needs of our clients. This is a subject that we have discussed with our users before, under the heading of how to eat out more sustainably. This is why we have teamed up with Kamupak with the purpose of making eating out more sustainable and easier.

About Kamupak

kamupak partnership


Kamupak is offering trash-free takeaway with a digital deposit system for reusable packaging. We make reusability fast and simple. Kamupak customers are restaurants and grocery stores.

The Kamupak box is an alternative to single-use containers for restaurants and grocery stores, helping consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding single-use packaging. The Kamupak box is made from polypropylene – a form of plastic that, unlike most, can be washed, reused and recycled at the end of its life cycle. The beauty of the Kamupak box is that it is dropped at any collection point, cleaned properly and put into use again. Currently, there are 8 collection points in Helsinki & more to come all over Finland.

Read more about Kamupak: https://en.kamupak.fi

"The Kamupak box reduces CO2 emissions by around 72-95% compared to a typical disposable box depending on the material usage of the single-use package. Compared to a box made of virgin materials made disposable PET plastic, the emission savings could reach up to 98%."

Kamupak - Environmental impacts

How Kamupak works

kamupak partnership

How to check out Kamupak on Snappmeal app

Snappmeal is an all-in-one app for foodies, where you can find great restaurant discounts, insightful food-guides, entertaining quizzes, and polls. You can see all the greatest restaurant options around you via our map view – makes it much easier for you to decide where to eat.

kamupak partnership

Sustainability is part of our product development and we wish to provide you with more information and options about sustainable choices. We are sure that with time we will be able to deliver to you even more options to dine out sustainably.

On Snappmeal, simply go to our Map, choose the filter Kamupak, and you will see the restaurants having Kamupak boxes and Kamupak collection points. (Don’t forget to update the latest version of Snappmeal app to see all our latest features!)

Eat well, help a restaurant, save the planet

There are plenty of reasons to embrace the collaboration between Snappmeal and Kamupak. In times of uncertainty, we all need to play our part. By choosing a Kamupak-friendly restaurant, you’ll also be helping to minimize the impact on the earth. Download the Snappmeal app and do your part to create a sustainable future – for the restaurant industry and future generations alike.

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