Procedure to hire foreign chefs in Finland

procedure hire foreign chef FEAT

A chef/cook is someone that prepares meals for families, at events or restaurants, and he/she is responsible for providing seasoned dietary advice. When it comes to handling anything that has to do with the kitchen and food-related matters, including setting up, clean up, organization, selecting food supplies, and menu. 

Restaurant owners should be aware now that the services of chefs in Finland have become increasingly demanding. This has led to an increase in foreign chefs/cooks from around the world, especially Filipinos. In different areas in Finland, there are shortages of cooks and chefs with lots of demand, as revealed by the employment and economic development offices.

So, restaurant owners planning to welcome foreign chefs should be aware of some Germaine procedures to hire chefs. Many employment opportunities in Finland are in the service industry, like health, restaurant, social services, transportation, hotel services, etc. It is becoming a reality as there is a shortage of workers in the hospitality and care industries in Finland. This is why companies are finding it necessary to employ people by bringing workers from abroad.

Working in Finland as a chef, especially when one isn’t a citizen, requires either a residence permit. Employment and economic offices usually specialize in helping organizations to hire foreigners. Some private organizations are also involved in recruiting chefs, but this may likely be stopped by concern authority in the nearest future.

When someone finds a chef job in Finland, a residence permit can be granted to the fellow once he/she has applied before they are allowed to come over. Though a residence permit does not apply to all jobs in Finland as a chef/cook, it’s required. To work in a restaurant in Finland, It’s sometimes necessary for an employee to pass a test to get a hygiene passport.

The restaurant industry was probably taken seriously on the issue of residence permit. Mainly because the sector has been vulnerable to irregular economic practices and breaches of societal obligations that are common in traditional restaurants.

The kind of residence permit anyone planning to work in Finland can be checked at the Finnish Immigration Service website (FIS). FIS holds the decision to either or not grant a residence permit; likewise, the Employment and Economic Development Office is involved. 

For people who have completed their degree in Finland, they don’t need a partial residence permit decision from the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). People in this category can receive a temporary work permit to extend their student residence permit before it expires. The extension can be done just once with a maximum of one year. Those who have residence permits due to marriage or family ties, such people can verify if they have the right to work as a chef in Finland.

Restaurant owners who are planning to employ foreign chefs from outside the EU/EEA must first provide such workers with a job offer. Then the employee would have to visit either the Finnish Immigration Service or Finnish Embassy to present himself/herself with a complete TEMO54 application form. The guidelines for filling the form can always be consulted to avoid unnecessary mistakes that may render the form invalid. 

Note these instructions to fill the TEM054 form:

– As an employer, you must supply your information correctly. The form should be filled out appropriately. 

– On the form, the terms and conditions of employment should be well stated.

– The form should be signed and stamped by the organization


An University in Finland, Vamia, a four-hour drive from Helsinki, usually has international students coming to take up a three-year course on cooking. Restaurant owners can take advantage of encouraging the intended chef to apply for the cooking program offered by this university. International students can then practice with the restaurant of their choice. 

It’s good for an employer to be aware that workers will be required to have a tax card. The tax card can be obtained from the Tax Administration; they are always available to assist in different languages, primarily Swedish, English, and Finnish.

So, speaking either Swedish or Finnish language will be an additional skill to increase the chefs’ chances of landing employment in Finland. Many people have pointed out that Swedish is more comfortable to learn compared to Finnish. The disadvantage is that less than 5% of the population speaks Swedish as their mother tongue. Language courses in Finnish at the University of Helsinki can be applied for online by intending chefs. This can be taken throughout the year to know the basics, or they learn as they interact with people they come across.

In conclusion,

The best way to get a job as a foreign chef is when the restaurant owners work with the intending chef. This will foster the process of obtaining the necessary documents needed for the smooth operation of chefs.

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