Introducing Instant Deal Creator

Introducing Instant Deal Creator

In a landscape impacted by COVID-19, attracting customers to a restaurant is more critical than ever. Oftentimes, the fastest way to achieve this is through discount offers. In times of global financial hardship, any opportunity to save money will be welcomed.When used correctly, restaurant discounts will drive profits. Discounts turn curious passers-by into new customers and new customers into loyal regulars. You just need to ensure that you pitch your restaurant’s discount offers correctly.

What is Snappmeal?

A smart marketing assistant for restaurants

Snappmeal is an online marketplace that specializes in Nordic restaurants. Our app is free for consumers to download, who use Snappmeal to find an eatery in their area that meets their needs. Regardless of dietary preferences, geography or culinary style, Snappmeal connects hungry customers with the perfect restaurant at the ideal time.Snappmeal is more than just a directory, though. We also work with restaurant owners. A new feature that has just been added to Snappmeal is the Instant Deal Creator.Deals and discounts are a great way to maintain footfall in your restaurant. Even before the global pandemic, eateries found that certain times of day were busier than others. As eating out provides an experience as well as a meal, empty restaurants struggle to create an appropriate ambiance. What’s more, a lack of customers can lead to food waste.These factors impact the bottom line of many eateries. This is far from ideal, as profitability is already tough in the restaurant business. Deals and promotions can be a great way to increase your customer base and overcome these challenges.

How to use Snappmeal Instant Deal Creator

It could not be easier to complete an instant deal offer on Snappmeal. Once you have signed into your business account, download our partner mobile app Snappmeal Partners so you can create instant deals without the need for desktops. We want to build mobile-first apps for our restaurants.There, you can easily create discounts for a few hours within the day. All of our app users around you will get notifications of your deals. When your restaurant is full, you can cancel the deals right away, or the deals will disappear when the time ends.By taking advantage of the instant deal feature, you can offer promotions when they’re needed most. An instant deal can be set up in less than 2 minutes. This can be scheduled in advance or created on an ad hoc basis. Once your instant deal has been generated, it will be pushed to the cellphones and smartwatches of all consumers in your area as a notification.The promotion will be arranged completely through the Snappmeal app, with no delays waiting for approval or review from a moderation team. Simply set up your deal, then head to the kitchen to anticipate a new wave of customers.At the end of the day, if you see the surplus food, use 50% off or 80% off for surplus offerings to let your customers rescue your food. Win-win solutions for you and your customers!Sign Up Free Now

Why Use Snappmeal’s Instant Deal Creator?

There are plenty of reasons why an instant deal can help your business to enjoy the success that you deserve. Here are the four main advantages of our feature.

Attract New Customers

Discount offers and deals are a proven way to increase footfall and custom. By taking advantage of Snappmeal’s instant deal feature, you can increase your custom by 30%.Deals are particularly effective when targeted toward new customers, or consumers that choose to eat out at short notice. If somebody is undecided about whether to visit your restaurant, announcing a promotion will tempt them into doing so.This is your time to shine. You can then turn this new customer into a regular by impressing them with the quality of food and service in your restaurant.


Attract More Business at Non-Peak Periods

Few restaurants struggle to attract trade at the weekend, or during the high holidays. Mid-afternoon on a typical working day, however, is often a different story. These are the periods that would benefit from an instant deal.After creating a promotion, potential customers in your area will notified. They can then decide to experience your restaurant while a discount is applicable. This minimizes food waste and ensures that you enjoy a steady flow of custom during traditionally quiet times.


Solve the Food Waste problem

Balancing out your customer demands during the day and optimize your inventory management using real data is the best way to solve the food waste problem. Therefore, we believe that if you adjust your offerings with demands, you will solve your inventory management. We know that restaurants run on very small margins, discounting 60% off for surplus food is not a sustainable, profitable solution for restaurants.


Review the Performance of Your Campaigns

The Snappmeal app allows you to track and review the performance of your discounts and offers. This means that you’ll know which particular promotions are popular, and which are struggling to attract as much attention. This way, you’ll have a clear idea which deals to focus upon and those that would benefit from being reviewed.


Transparent Pricing

Our pricing structure is completely transparent. We operate a monthly subscription model. You can choose to sign up for a package costing €30 or €60 per month, depending on how many campaigns you'll be looking to run.Once you complete checkout, that's it. There will be no additional fees, no percentages based on performance, and no hidden charges. This can be renewed or canceled at any time. You are being locked into a contract, and there is no small print to concern yourself with.This is just the beginning, too. Snappmeal will be applying a wide array of new features to the app in the future. Every one of these, just like our instant deal tool, will be designed to make your business as successful as possible.Here at Snappmeal, we are excited to work with you. 2020 has been a challenging time for the restaurant industry, but the clouds are finally starting to part. Together, we can ensure that your hard work and dedication pays off.

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