How To attract more customers during the holidays (or on slow days)

How To attract more customers during the holidays (or on slow days)

Enhancing restaurant sales via increased customer retention and foot traffic is an all-year endeavor, and sustaining that growth all through the holiday season can be tasking. About 61% of restaurants experience a significant decrease in patronage during holidays, especially during winters, when people rarely go out in a bid to avoid harsh weather. A few attraction marketing strategies can enhance seasonal sales deficit and sustain-or even boost-customer bills and foot traffic. These few tips will help you attract more customers during the holidays and boost sales.

Offer Seasonal Menus

attract customer during holiday

Do you know how "FOMO" works? Everybody wants to partake in an exciting opportunity. Seasonal menus are essential in tapping into people's 'Fear of Missing Out.' It could be traditional holiday delicacies that include a unique combination of creative recipes and locally-grown spices to attract old and new customers.Seasonal drinks, like spiked hot chocolates and pumpkin lattes, are an ideal add-on to orders. They are easy to prepare and can boost overall ticket offers.Find out trending seasonal drinks via social media, Google Trends, and Web Searches, then include those options during your holiday marketing campaigns. You will need to remind your servers to mention those menus and lay emphasis on the fact that the treats can only be enjoyed for a limited time.

Pass out Flyers or Menus

Once you have designed the seasonal menu, make three versions of it available: a shorter hand-out menu for marketing purpose, an in-house menu, and an online menu for your website and social media platforms. Make the holiday menus colorful, simple, concise, and emphasize the menu offerings with limited availability. If you have the human resources, dole out the street menus at strategic locations to attract more customers like hungry shoppers and those passing by.

Collaborate with nearby retailers

attract customer during holiday

Consider utilizing your holiday menu to join forces with close-by retail shops. Transform your menu into a unique offer coupon, publicizing bargains for both you and your new partner stores for recommending clients to each other. For example, clients can get the flyer in one of the stores to get a 15% discount at participating organizations. While the special seasons include fun and time-sensitive component, this idea could be adjusted for year-long use.

Improve the restaurant's visibility on social media

Relatable and up-to-date social media accounts are necessities for any restaurant to flourish. Restaurants should utilize Facebook and Instagram, at the very least, to advertise sales and new menu provisions. During the special seasons, it's critical to post bubbly photos of your holiday offerings. Make sure to incorporate your store hours, and if possible, the price with the images. Utilize various social media management tools like Hootsuite to schedule your postings - especially significant if you are pushing specials during holidays. You'll additionally know about fans who pose inquiries or make remarks on your social page and can reply suitably.

Provide holiday catering services

If retail shops nibble on the menu collaboration, at that point tenderly remind the proprietors about your restaurant's catering solutions. Holidays remain the prime catering season, and restaurants that provide such services can position their menu to fit holiday party requirement. This message is seen by your retail collaborators, yet additionally their clients, who may need your catering service at home or for office parties.

Make catering services sell themselves past the special seasons

Setting occasional menus in close by stores can start thoughts for business openings at different occasions during the year. If one of your holiday partners develop an enthusiasm for your catering services, consider bringing them food tests during the year, reminding them you can cook for any occasion - reward dinners, business snacks, or different needs they may have. Upsell them on your food and solutions, and they'll be your brand evangelists for their very own clients.

Offer your clients gift cards

As you can see, your foot activity increase, leverage the privilege of reminding your clients about their friends, family, and companions. Gift cards ought to be noticeably shown by the cash register and advertised on your site and all social media platforms.

Pursue Environmental Sustainability

Food and food waste are ecological hotly debated issues, and eco friendly-conscious clients care about where their food originates from. The environment is one of the restaurant customers top concerns, and many consider a restaurant's sustainability operations when choosing where to eat. A couple of strategies to make your restaurant more eco-accommodating incorporate investing in energy-saving hardware, utilizing computerized menu sheets for rotating menus, internet-based requesting, recycling utilized cooking oil, installing solar panels and minimizing kitchen waste.

Pursue Google My Business

attract customer during holiday

Google My Business is an amazing and essential device in the internet age. Enrolling a business is simple and includes quick search presence and validity to any nearby restaurant. The page shows store hours, site, customers reviews, location, and photographs. Menus and contact data can likewise be added to the posting. If your working hours change during the special seasons, that can also be noted.

Become a noble gift site

Last yet certainly not least on our recommendations to attracting customers during holidays is inspiring the whole community to give back to needy people. The holiday season is an opportunity to give back to people affected by Hurricane and other environmental disasters. Some establishments often cooperate with restaurants to hold fundraising events. Check with nearby philanthropies and find out how your restaurant can help. Furthermore, remember to refer to any charitable holiday events on your restaurant's site and social media platforms!Share on facebookShareShare on twitterTweet it