How Restaurants Should Deal with Coronavirus

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#Coronavirus : Let’s be honest, although there is no reason to panic, restaurants in Finland should be on alert and be prepared. Customers have already shown concerns about eating out in restaurants due to the situation of coronavirus in Italy and other countries in Europe, Asia and America. The decrease in customer attendance has the […]

How to Use Food Hashtags to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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Of the, “Big Three” social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – the latter has often been seen as the most niche. This is not necessarily the case.  The easily digestible nature of this photographic platform makes it ideal for smartphones. Instagram is actually more popular than Twitter with many demographics. It is believed […]

5 Effective Promotion Ideas for Bars and Pubs

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It’s no secret that the catering trade is different to conventional retail. While a clothing store can build its promotions around changes to the seasons and ever-altering fashions, pubs and bars need to remain evergreen. What’s more, pubs and bars rely heavily upon loyalty. Passing footfall is fine, but it cannot be relied upon to […]

How to Run a Restaurant Discount Campaign Without Hurting Your Brand

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Restaurant discounts are a source of contention for business owners. Some restaurateurs believe that discounts are a great way to boost customer numbers. If prices are low, more diners will visit and tell their friends.  The truth is, restaurant discounts must be handled with care. Used sparingly and wisely, discounts can boost traffic in your […]

5 Restaurant Discounts to Attract More Customers

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Quality is important in business, but so is price. Restaurant discounts can entice a wide range of new customers, as well as delight loyal and existing diners. When choosing a place to eat, customers are often swayed by discounts and promotions. Approximately 81% of diners admit to searching for discounts on a regular basis when […]

Top 5 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Increase Your Sales

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Food promotion is the key to increasing sales in the restaurant business. More promotion means more awareness. This, in turn, means more customers. Finally, more customers mean more profit. It’s all part of an essential chain. There is a flip side to this though. Running promotions takes time and effort that you could be dedicated […]

Guide: How to create a successful restaurant campaign

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Get the PDF E-book & read it on the go! FREE Download Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Because the restaurant industry is the most consumer-centric industry of all, no business can last long without loyal customers. To tap into the secret of success for any long-lasting eatery, you’ll find the same formula: Attract customers. Make customers […]

Tips to take photos by yourself for your restaurant social media posts

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  A picture can tell more than 1000-words, and in today’s photo-centric digital world, where daily over 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram only, the value of a great image shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially if you’re operating in the restaurant industry, learning the art of food photography is key to creating a strong online […]

How To build/grow your social media channels from scratch

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When speaking of social media, we are simply focusing on two aspects, which are the distribution platforms (social webs) and the content (articles, media, etc.) to be posted on your chosen platform(s) as a restaurant manager. So, having the basic knowledge about this is not enough to be registered on the social networks but to […]

Challenges when operating your restaurant

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Opening a new restaurant, especially if it has been a life-long dream, can be very exciting. However, operating your restaurant doesn’t come without its challenges.  Low barriers to entry characterize the restaurant industry, so at any given moment, anyone can enter the market, making it highly competitive. According to research, a staggering 60% of new […]