Date night destinations – pandemic edition

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Date nights have been a little different this last year. In 2019 a classic date night for me and my significant other was trying a new restaurant, then checking out a bar or one of the hidden cocktail lounges around Helsinki. Sometimes it included going to the movies, occasionally it was bowling or an escape […]

How & Why Food Influences Your Memories

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Have you ever heard of a food memory? Even if you haven’t, you surely have food memories of your own. To put it lightly, a food memory is when a certain food sparks a memory in your mind. Perhaps it’s ice cream from your favorite scoop shop that you used to visit during the summer […]

Aurabear received funding from Business Finland for the digital platform Snappmeal

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We are thrilled to announce that Snappmeal has raised an impressive €50,000 in funding from Business Finland. This will be used to continue to develop and enhance the global reach of our in-house digital product and service. The funding is provided via The Tempo Fund. Our application matches the values of this body – namely, […]

Food 101 – the world of spices

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Food is like artwork and it comes in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. No doubt you know about the age-old spicy vs. non-spicy food debate. You might like to go for the spiciest sauce available with your food or you might not be able to cope with any spiciness at all. How come some […]

5 Most Cozy Restaurants in Helsinki to spend your Ystävänpäivä

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Sometimes, it is quite tricky to find a perfect restaurant for the first date, second date or any dates for your romantic relationship. The right food, the right mood and so on. 💑 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨 To help ease your mind, check out the top restaurants in Helsinki with delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere that Jade […]

Snappmeal partners with Kamupak: a sustainable way to eat out!

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2020 has been a difficult year for the restaurant trade. The impact of COVID-19 forced many eateries to close their doors to potential customers earlier in the year. This was bad news for an industry that already struggles to balance expenditure and operating costs. Thankfully, takeaway food deliveries were still permitted, which allowed countless restaurants […]

8 best dumpling restaurants in Helsinki

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A lot of customers worried about fat, sodium, sugars, artificial flavorings, colors, and unpleasant additives. That’s why house-cooked delicacies remain the healthiest and safest. Most restaurants go the extra miles to provide that home experience for their customers by using the freshest and whole ingredients. Helsinki has several dumpling restaurants that serve customers with real […]

Brunch bliss in Helsinki

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The Helsinki café scene has taken off in recent years, and as a big fan of the weekend brunch I am in love with Helsinki for its plentiful offerings. Chatting with friends over copious cups of coffee and delicious food is one of my favourite pastimes, equally so is enjoying it on my own with […]

All in a dog’s day – pup friendly foodie hotspots in Helsinki

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Helsinki is a wonderful city for foodies and dog lovers alike. As a long-time foodie and a new dog mum I have been so pleased to find so many of my favourite cafes and restaurants warmly welcome my four-legged best friend to the table. Here we wanted to share some of our favourite spots – […]