8 best dumpling restaurants in Helsinki

10 dumpling restaurants FEAT

A lot of customers worried about fat, sodium, sugars, artificial flavorings, colors, and unpleasant additives. That’s why house-cooked delicacies remain the healthiest and safest. Most restaurants go the extra miles to provide that home experience for their customers by using the freshest and whole ingredients.

Helsinki has several dumpling restaurants that serve customers with real Chinese food in Helsinki. We have researched and highlighted ten best dumpling restaurants in Helsinki.

1. Hills Dumplings

10 dumpling restaurants

This is a New World Asian restaurant that has a great sense of fun and simplicity. The flavors draw inspiration from Cantonese cuisine that has a casual street-style. It combined this with an unusual twist in preparing Dumplings by hand daily. Hill Dumplings believes that eating out should be adventurous and light-hearted. They have been able to establish an atmosphere where anyone can easily access food and drinks.

2. Tokyo Street Restaurant

This restaurant introduced the real Japanese street menu. The food is of high quality and is frequently changed to showcase the freshest seasonal produce. They use locally-grown and organic produce, with wholesome ingredients. They also utilize natural handpicked sea salt and homemade oils.

They cook from scratch based on their conviction in organic agriculture and the food industries. Not all restaurants believe in sustainable food procurement; Tokyo Street Restaurant buys high-quality ingredients from local shops and producers. They purchase hormone-free meat.

3. Beijing8

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This is the home of dumplings and tea. They used natural dumplings in making their tasty dumplings. They also import tea leaves from China to brew their iced tea. Beijing8 is a Chinese restaurant with a strong flair for sustainability. It is often referred to as slow fast food. This is another dumpling restaurant you need to visit on your next vacation.

4. Chengdu Restaurant

10 dumpling restaurants(By Liukkis & Ihan, TripAdvisor. Image source)

The restaurant derived its name from the owner’s origin-Chengdu. The concept is to incorporate the Chengdu way of life in Finland. Chengdu is a city in Western China and Sichuan’s provincial capital. The restaurant offers real Sichuan cuisine to everyone who eats there. The bold flavors, especially the spiciness and the pungency emanating from the use of chili peppers and garlic, combined with the taste of Sichuan pepper.

5. Restaurant China

It was set up in 1973. It is the first Chinese Dumpling Restaurant in Helsinki. It provides authentic Cantonese dishes from Southern China, and it is situated in the heart of the city in Annankatu.

The specialties are roasted duck, and different vegetarian seafood and beancurd dishes. The typical Chinese dishes are available on request. These dishes are typical among Asian people living in Northern China. The restaurant provides catering service that includes the delivery of food and drinks, as well as tableware. They also make provision to deliver hot delicacies to your event.


10 dumpling restaurants

This is another Dumpling restaurant in Helsinki that serves a delicious meal. They provide different pancakes and blini, served quickly, nice and hot. You can sit outside to enjoy the atmosphere or sit inside to eat. The restaurant is passionate about sustainability and offers value for money spent.

7. Mei Lin Restaurant

10 dumpling restaurants(By Елена & Michele B. ,TripAdvisor. image source)

The restaurant is situated in the heart of Helsinki and has a historic stone building. Its decoration merges Scandinavian elements with oriental elements. The setting is comfortable and straightforward.

It offers handcrafted and freshest ingredients. It is the home of real Chinese food for those looking for Chinese warmth service and taste.

8. Russian Restaurant Troikka

(By Jonas P. , TripAdvisor. image source)

One of the most recommended restaurants in the Baltic nations and Finland. It provides top-notch service and a hotspot to visit when on vacation. They have attentive waitress, and they serve a delicious menu.

The highlighted dumpling restaurants ensure the output of household waste is significantly reduced. Instead of using pre-made and processed foods, they buy local and organically grown ingredients. They also utilize reusable packaging in a bod to minimize kitchen waste, thus ensuring environmental sustainability. Did we omit a dumpling restaurant that ought to be on the list? Let us know in the comment box.

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