5 Most Cozy Restaurants in Helsinki to spend your Ystävänpäivä

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Sometimes, it is quite tricky to find a perfect restaurant for the first date, second date or any dates for your romantic relationship. The right food, the right mood and so on. 💑 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨

To help ease your mind, check out the top restaurants in Helsinki with delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere that Jade Nguyen, Snappmeal Contributor, has listed out her personal favorite choices when you are on a date.🍽🍤🍸

1. Baskeri & Basso

Address: Tehtaankatu 27-29, 00150 Helsinki

valentine restaurant

Just 0.8 miles away from The Esplanadi Park, this gem is getting more popular, serving selectively European-styled dishes, including vegan and gluten free options. You can also create your own experience by adding more favorite dishes or tasting the whole menu in smaller portion. The overall design is modern and stylish, which is a combination of charming Parisian bistros, casual San Francisco joints and Italian osterias. Especially, a wide range of natural wines from smaller to larger producers, from elegant to experimental ones, will definitely make your night more enjoyable.

They also have a wine bar nearby called Basbas & Staff, located at the corner of Telakkakatu, which serves natural craft wines, cheeses, charcuteries and bar bites. Stop by after dinner to enjoy the chilling and more private space. 🍷

2. Toca

Address: Unioninkatu 18, 00130 Helsinki

© @tocahelsinki [Facebook]

If you are hungry for the mix of Italian-Finnish cuisine and a bit of globally trendy tastes, Toca is a place to go. The menu varies daily depending on the season and market. However, the high-quality ingredients are always of the top priority. Savory food, pleasurable drinks and a “kick back and enjoy” vibe are their signature. In fact, the price is very decent, considering their tasty dishes, exceptional beverages and excellent customer services. 🍲 🥕

3. Restaurant Lappi

Address: Annankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki

valentine restaurant

Trying Santa’s menu, served by Santa’s private chef and waitress right at Helsinki center, why not? 🎅🏻 🦌 Reindeer main courses are the most famous here. They also have salmon and vegetarian options. Cocktails and wines menus are very diverse, including champagne, sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, from different countries like Italy, Chile, France, etc. Lappish coffee in a wooden cup and Reindeer’s tear are special drinks here, which you should give it a go. Plus, the atmosphere is extremely cozy that you’d feel like enjoying dinner at the Santa house in Lapland, Rovaniemi.  

4. Kolme Kruunua

Address: Liisankatu 5, 00170 Helsinki

Kolme Kruunua established in 1952 when the owners renovated the café and Liisan Baari into a restaurant. This classic and old-fashion bistro maybe the place where your father or grandpa used to come over often when they were young. Until now, they still preserve the original interior which was designed by the famous Finnish artist Emil Ruokolainen. The menu is simple and easy to choose, including traditional Finnish food like Läskisoosi, Pyttipannu, or pan-fried Baltic Herrings. 🐟 🐟 🐟

5. Kuurna

Address: Meritullinkatu 6, 00170 Helsinki

valentine restaurant

© Kuurna

In the quiet neighborhood of Kruununhaka, restaurant Kuurna is a hidden romantic gem and always committed to offering customers food of highest-quality ingredients from ecologically and socially sustainable suppliers. 🐓🥒🐂 Their transparency in origins of ingredients is greatly appreciated, from the organic chicken farm of Kuorttinen, the vegetables farm of Majvik and Svarfvars to the organic beef farm of Bosgård in Porvoo. Wondering about the sources of any ingredients? They are more than willing to give you a thorough answer. The simple yet solid and well-put-together menu, combining with the exceptional services will surely bring you a comfy and intimate Friday night.

Have you decided where to spend your Friendship Day yet? Don’t forget to book reservation in advance to skip the line and get some spots on this special day. Hyvää ystävänpäivää! 💕

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