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Today it seems as though new cafes and restaurants are opening daily, making the food industry ever more competitive and challenging. Customers have an abundance of restaurants to explore and may become less loyal. So as a restaurant owner, how can you keep up with the changing trends? 

In today’s digital world, your restaurant needs to have an online presence. For regular customers, your website is the leading source for finding the opening hours, menus, or current discounts. An engaging and easy to navigate website can spark interest and prompt a potential customer to check your restaurant out. Therefore, to attract customers, it is equally important to pay attention to website design as it is to the quality of your food. To match your customers’ behaviors, ensuring an excellent website design with responsive features is important.  Today the number of people using the Internet via mobile is almost equal to that of via computers.

Below we introduce the most popular website design templates with which you can easily design your own website at a reasonable cost. Or simply, get ideas of the latest trends in website design.

# For a coffee shop

restaurant website design

Template source: Croco Block

Price: Free

This template is simple yet appealing for any coffee shop looking to attract customers with their website. The page can be easily scrolled through to find relevant information such as the menu, opening hours, and contact details. The navigation bar at the top of the page points the user directly to what they are searching for. The large high-resolution images decorate the page and entice with their exquisite appearance.

# For sushi restaurant

Sushi Restaurant

Template source: CMS Masters

Price: $59

The following elegant template has lots of space for images to showcase the detail that goes into making sushi. The design features a sticky navigation bar making it is easy to select a tab without scrolling all the way to the top. As for content, the design has ample space to showcase relevant blog posts and events that the restaurant offers, as well as a menu, opening hours, location, and a tab for making reservations.

# For vegan restaurant

restaurant website design

Template source: WIX

Price: Free

This free template is an excellent option for vegetarian or vegan restaurants. The design is fresh with a mainly white background but displays a large image that scrolls behind the main content and text. In several of the pictures, green is the dominant color, as this tends to be associated with healthy food and lifestyle. Some of the unique features in the design are the testimonial section on the front page to highlight any positive reviews your restaurant has received and a quick reservation formula.

# Fine dining restaurant

restaurant website design

Template source: Attika Mikado 

If you’re looking to showcase your fine-dining experience, the following template could be the one. The design is elegant and minimalist, where the large high-resolution close-up images of brightly colored dishes steal the spotlight. The template features a sticky nav bar on the left side for effortless navigation. The design includes a video section letting curious visitors see what goes on behind the scenes. Additionally, the contact details for general inquiries, careers, events, and press are clearly displayed for the ease of contacting the restaurant.

# Burger & Pizza restaurants

Template source: Template Monster

Price: $75

Perfect for burger and pizza restaurants, this template is casual, easy to navigate through the sticky navigation bar, and displays large high-resolution images of mouth-watering dishes. To further tempt visitors on the website, the color red is used in all of the Call to Action buttons. Red is an intense color and has been researched to increase your blood pressure as well as your appetite. That is why red is a popular color used by restaurants. Are you hungry yet?

# Asian cuisine

Template source: WIX

Price: Free

This simple template has all the relevant information your visitor would need; menu, opening hours, and a reservation tab. The design is dominated by the color red, and beautiful gold accents and detail give it that traditional Asian feeling. The element of tradition is further accentuated by the large images of dishes in authentic-looking tableware bringing about a family-like sense to the restaurant’s website.

# For coffee shops

Template source: Envato Market

Price: $49

Are you an independent coffee shop owner? This template may inspire you. The landing page is exciting, with the cafe’s interior as a dark backdrop to the 3D-esque coffee beans highlighting the cafés unique selling point – organic coffee. The template’s responsiveness follows the visitor throughout the website – from coffee beans that float to your cursor’s rhythm, to images and text that appropriately slide into place when you hover above them. Overall this website design is exciting and, quite literally, lively.

# Tex-Mex restaurants

restaurant website design

Template source: Theme Forest

Price: $16

This template is more subdued in comparison to the one above. Once again, the color red is used in its Call To Action buttons.  Also, throughout the website, food elements in red such as vegetables and drinks, can be spotted tempting the visitor. One special feature is the segment for the restaurant’s history, which offers a personal touch to the website and can help the visitor feel more connected to your business.

# Italian restaurants

restaurant website design

Template source: Template Monster

Price: $75

This template is perfect for having your delicious dishes as the primary focus. All the relevant information, such as location and opening hours, are easily found. Special features are, firstly, the calendar showcasing upcoming events. Secondly, the counters section showing how many clients and cups of coffee have been served, which is a fun way of informing visitors of your restaurant’s activities. Finally, is the newsletter Call to Action, which is another way to keep customers informed about your business.

# Cafes and Bakeries

restaurant website design

Template source: Nice Page

Price: Free

Lastly, the following template with its warm monochrome color scheme is ideal for creating that warm and fresh-from-the-oven feeling relevant for a bakery. The simple design with large images places focus on the baked goods on offer keeping the amount of text is kept to a minimum.

Similarly to tasting something delicious, stunning website design will remain everlasting in your customers’ memory. These templates are created with an incredible look and flawless UX design, from which you can gather many great ideas for your website. Or you can use the ready-made templates for a professional website with a low-cost.

More ideas for the design for your restaurant website can be from from this post.

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