10 Instagram worthy cafes in Helsinki downtown

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01. Kuuma

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 33, 00100 Helsinki

Kuuma remains on the top list of Instagram worthy cafes in Helsinki. Its clean, white surfaces, coupled with a blue floor, establish the perfect color contrast. The coffee menu is superb and excellent. It also offers an all-day breakfast menu. You may not have so much food options, but you will be able to mix and match its delicacies.

02. Andante

Address: Fredrikinkatu 20, 00120 Helsinki

While Kuuma might be new and modern, Andante is yet another classic and contemporary cafe with a long-standing history. They have invested heavily in their interior, though with a high sense of simplicity. But is that all you need? There is still more. The cafe has a pleasant color scheme, cute lamps, and some plants. Just like other cafes in Helsinki, Andante is in business to provide their customers with healthy breakfast and brunch with options from yogurt bowls to avocado sandwiches. You need to try the yogurt bowl. It is mind-blowingly delicious. Coupled with your menus, you also have the opportunity of buying gorgeous mugs as souvenirs.

03. Steam Coffee

Addresses: Kaisaniemenkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki // Fredrikinkatu 65, 00100 Helsinki

This cafe is a regular hound for any tourist. This is because of its strategic location in Helsinki downtown. It may not receive accolades for its interior, because it is as plain as it can be, but the delicacies and dessert menu are absolute wow! It serves an affordable coffee with a lot of varieties to pick from. These combinations will surely bring back the nostalgia for any guest. The exciting thing is that the cafe is located close to a movie theater.

04. Mumin Kaffe (Moomin Cafe)

Address: Fabianinkatu 29, 00100 Helsinki

A lovely cafe created around a cartoon character known as Moomin. Anyone who grows up watching the cartoon will have his or her inner child kicked out when the name of this Cafe in Helsinki downtown is mentioned. Do you want to talk about its pistachio buns? You can ask the restauranteur to draw your Moomin character’s face on your coffee? Not only that, all the coffees are served in the classic Moomin cups.

05. Roasberg

Address: Mikonkatu 13, 00101 Helsinki

Roasberg is another cafe that is Instagram worthy because of its beautiful and funky interior. The cafe is always jampacked on Saturday afternoons. They have varieties of delicacies to choose from- both food and drinks. Aside coffee, you could request for an Italian soda instead of caffeinated beverages. It has a basement floor. Therefore it would not be classified as a small cafe in Helsinki. It is quite closer to the Central Railway Station.

06. Relove

Addresses: Fredrikinkatu 25, 00150 Helsinki // Sandelsinkatu 6, 00260 Helsinki

The uniqueness of this cafe is because it also serves as a second-hand clothing outlet. This is where the majority of Finnish influencers go to sell their unused clothes. Thus, you can expect some gorgeous pieces. As far as it cafe goes, they have invested so much in its interior, which makes it Instagram worthy. They also have healthy and great stuff on their menu. If you measure from the Central Railway Station, then the cafes would be considered the furthest in Helsinki downtown.

7. Ihana Kahvila Baari

Address: Aleksanterinkatu 7-9, 00100 Helsinki

IG worthy cafe-By Can I. (Image source)

Are you in search of an eclectic coffee shop with a neat seating arrangement, lovely bakery items, new age music, and good coffee? Or you are looking for an Americano, with a great pastry? Then, this cafe would be charming and suitable for you.

8. La Torrefazzione

Address: Aleksanterinkatu 50, 00100 Helsinki

La Torrefazzione is a new lunch spot that offers fresh salad/ingredients and superior coffee. They provide Finnish and English Menus. They roast their coffee at a different location, and also make it at the cafe. Looking for an excellent cappuccino? This Instagram good cafe is a good choice.

9. Robert's Coffee Jugend

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 19, 00100 Helsinki

This cafe tempts its clients with savory and enchanting aromas. They produce virtually everything independently. They have a gelato factory and a slow bakery where fresh bread is being baked for their customers. If you are in search of the world’s best and quality cinnamon buns, then you should visit this Instagram worthy cafe in Helsinki

10. Brooklyn Cafe

Address: Fredrikinkatu 19, 00120 Helsinki

Get a taste of New York’s coffee, even better with reading a good book! The Brooklyn cafe, run by two close-knit sisters from Brooklyn, is a gem in the neighborhood of Punavuori. Not only a coffee shop, but also an used-book library where you could freely take a pick and read while enjoying their fresh dark roast and a portion of heavenly delicious in-house baked goods.

Will you recommend any Instagram worthy cafe in Helsinki downtown area that ought to be on the list?

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